Fading Fast: Women And Chronic Fatigue - Page 2

Women and Stress in the 1990's Section - Page 1
Fading Fast: Women And Chronic Fatigue - Page 2

*Are You Doing More Than Your Fair Share ? *Time Off Is As Important As A Healthy Lifestyle *Are You Torn Between Home And Office ? *Emotional Conflicts Can Drain You *Additional Tests May Show A Medical Cause *Biology And Hormones Play A Big Role *Here's How You Can Re-energize Your Life *Disabling Fatigue That Will Not Respond To The Above Measures *Defining Chronic Fatigue And Immune Dysfunction Syndrome (cfids) *A Brief Survey Of Treatments For Your Physician: *Resources:
How Much Stress Are You Under ? - Page 11

*Women Face Unique Stresses *Relationship And Family Stresses *Money Stress *Work Stresses *Life Stresses *Women Centred Stress Test *How To Interpret Test Results *The Impact Of Stress *Profiles Of Women Under Stress *Conclusion *Resources:
How To Cut Down On Stress - Page 17

*Analyze Your Life *Learn How To Say No *Get Help When You Need It *Arrange Private Time For Yourself *Eat Well *Exercise Regularly *Arrange A Massage Or Body Work *Learn The Art Of Relaxation *Easy Self-hypnosis: *Imagery: *Alternating Relaxation And Contraction: *Releasing Reoccurring Thoughts And Worries: *Don't Let Frustration Build Up *Never Hesitate To Get Professional Help *Develop A Support System *I Forgive Myself For Everything *Laugh A Lot *The Ten Commandments For Reducing Stress *Resources
The Sexes Aren't Equal When It Comes To Booze - Page 22

*Are You Drinking Too Much ? *Women For Sobriety Acceptance Program* *Alcoholics Anonymous (AA)* *Women For Sobriety* *Suggested Reading And Resources:
Are Computers Hurting Your Health ? - Page 28

*Ergonomic Effects *Eyestrain *Musculoskeletal Problems *Stress *Electromagnetic Radiation And Its Effects *Elf Waves *Vlf Waves *Shielding For Radiation *The Question Of Cataracts *X-rays *Ultraviolet, Infrared And Visible Light *Electrostatic Charges *What About Children *What You Can Do *Conclusion
Grief Is Hard Work - Page 38

*A Society That Denies The Experience Of Loss *Dealing With Your Grief *Guidelines For Grieving *Preparing For Loss *Resources *Other Books On Grief And Loss *When A Child Or Baby Dies *Helping Children Cope With Death *For Widows *Dealing With Suicide *Where To Get These Books: *Helpful Organizations

Fading Fast: Women And Chronic Fatigue - Page 2


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