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G-Force 4 Rebounder

to strengthen bones, muscles, organs, skin, & tissues


No matter how you feel, it will make you feel better... 

Rebounding is fun and easy. It will improve strength, well-being, balance, overall health, and alertness. Rebound exercise puts 3 natural forces to work – Gravity, Acceleration and Deceleration.  Rebounding cleanses your entire system of toxins just like a washing machine cleans your clothing.  It strengthens every cell in your body.  It will help build coordination and balance and help you feel rejuvenated all over. 

ENHANCES LYMPHATIC CIRCULATION - In his book “The Miracles of Rebound Exercise”, Al Carter says rebound exercise has been found to be the most efficient method of lymphatic circulation stimulation because it yields the greatest change in pressure for the least muscular effort.  At the bottom of the bounce, the valves are closed.  Poisons and toxins are being squeezed out from between the cells.  As the body bounds up, valves are still closed, toxins are loosened from the cells; nutrients are passed from lymph to the cells.  At the height of the bounce, the body is weightless, valves are open.  As the body descends, fluid flows, sucking toxins out and away from the cells to be eliminated by the lymph system. 

STIMULATES THE IMMUNE SYSTEM  - The lymphatic system has been called the vacuum cleaning system of the body, the garbage collector of the body, and the immune system.  Lymph fluid circulates through a system of tubes and walls only one cell thick. These tubes have a series of one way valves.  Varying the pressure on this system circulates the lymph fluid.  Increased pressure closes the valves (bottom of the bounce). Decreased pressure opens the valves (top of bounce). 

Doctor Samuel West, author of “The Golden Seven plus One”, has stated that rebounding is the best way to circulate the lymphatic system. If the lymphatic system is circulating properly, it is practically impossible to get sick. 

PROVIDES CELLULAR EXERCISE - Rebounding strengthens every cell, muscle, organ, tissue, and tendon in the body.  It even makes your bones strong.  Most exercise programs are designed to strengthen the voluntary muscles… but rebound exercise is the only one that strengthens the liver, kidneys, bladder. Every organ in the body, even the skin, thickens and tightens – “A Free Face Lift – no surgery required”. 

INCREASES BONE DENSITY - When the astronauts went to the moon and were subject to a weightless state for weeks at a time, it was found they lost 15% of their bone density.  There was no gravitational pull and very little stress, so their bones become weaker and less dense. Had they been on a planet that had more gravitational pull than earth, their bone density would have increased.  Because the body interprets acceleration and deceleration as an increase in gravity, every cell is made heavier and is put under more stress. The entire body is strengthened and bone density increased.  This is what happens on a rebounder. 

IMPROVES CARDIOVASCULAR FITNESS - Rebound exercise lowers the chances of cardiovascular disease in three ways:

  1. By strengthening the legs. The legs act as an auxiliary pump for the cardiovascular system. Strong legs take a lot of strain off the heart.

  2. The heart is strengthened by increasing the pulse rate. The heart works more efficiently than and can really rest when the body rests.

  3. Rebound exercise strengthens the entire voluntary and involuntary muscular system, plus every tissue and organ in the body. This makes the entire system work more smoothly. 

STRENGTHENS CELLS - At the peak of the jump, every cell is suspended for a split second in a state of weightlessness.  At the bottom of the jump, the body is receiving as much as two G's or more of force.  That is like weighing twice your normal weight.  You can demonstrate this effect by bouncing lightly on your bathroom scale. You can see that, as you bounce, your body weight increases by deceleration. Conversely, it can be seen that increased gravitational pull, which occurs in rebound exercise, would cause the cells to strengthen and become more dense.  Bones, muscles, organs, skin, and tissues get stronger. 

The G-Force 4 Rebounder
is the ONLY personal rebounder
with full-sized trampoline springs!!

What makes the G-Force 4 superior?

  • The heavy-duty frame is made of solid angle iron for strength and durability.  

  • The legs are easily removed for shipping  or storage. 

  • The premium-grade jumping surface is made of black mesh polypropylene, edged with top-quality seat belt webbing.  

  • Not 4, 6, or 8, but 10 rows of heavy-duty stitching secure the 36 spring attachments and webbing.  

  • The black spring cover is made of a top quality vinyl with cloth-backing. They cover the entire perimeter of the frame and the springs.

  • The high quality springs are made of the best spring steel available. We use 36 standard 8.5" trampoline springs, giving you the ultimate in rebound performance, and the deepest softest bounce. This rebounder gives the maximum G-FORCE to the user, which in turn means greater exercise value (higher bounce = greater g-force = greater exercise value) 

  • We use a heavy gauge angle iron for our frames not thin hollow tubing. This allows for a thicker, stronger, more durable wear point, where the spring attaches. Springs also tend to squeak more in the tube frames.


You'll feel the difference.  The safest and softest bounce on the market. Your G-Force 4 Rebounder is expected to last many years... and it will not lose its bounce or break in 30-90 days like some do.

Warranty/Guarantee - We offer a 5 year limited warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.

Start rebounding for your better health today!
You'll be glad you did!



50 in. G-Force 4   

    $ 299.00

 $ 399.00

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