Quick Survey: The Power Of Superfoods
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The Power Of Superfoods

Both Sam Graci and Daniel Cristafi are rare individuals who have studied the rules of natural healing and who have devoted their lives to letting people know how they can achieve their highest vision of health and well being. Both also share a deep concern for our planet and how our lifestyle choices affect our future and that of our children. Both believe that each of us can truly make a difference on this planet.

The choice of what we eat greatly impacts the planet. The average meat eater requires 20 times more land to support his habit than a vegetarian. In addition, much of our food has been grown on depleted soils with harsh pesticides, insecticides and chemical fertilizers. Some pesticide residues concentrated in the fat of meat and dairy can mimic the actions of estrogen, causing hormonal imbalance and even cancer. Even our organic soils are deficient in the trace minerals so necessary for optimal health.

Few of us are eating the five to seven servings of vegetables and fruits recommended in the food rules. Few of us are taking the time to make nutritious meals prepared in a loving and wholesome manner. The introduction of microwave cooking has caused further deterioration in the quality of our foods. This is why The Power of Superfoods is such an important book for healthy living.

This book covers the essentials of healthy eating including many different types of superfoods, the use of green drinks (which I recommend to all my patients), balancing acid and alkaline foods, drinking large quantities of pure water, making sense of current diet controversies and saying goodbye to dieting. Two separate chapters go into detail on super-nutrition for men and women.

At the same time, The Power of Superfoods avoids being self-righteous and does not suggest that a strict vegetarian diet is appropriate for everyone. It also gives lots of ideas for short cuts to healthy eating, so important in today's chronically time deprived world.

Some well known superfoods Graci discusses are organically grown grasses, sprouts, sea vegetables, sea algae, acidophilus, bee products, bilberries, grape seeds and soy lecithin.

Harvey Diamond, the world renowned author of Fit For Life, contributes an excellent chapter on a form of fasting and cleansing known as mono-dieting or eating only one kind of food at a time (which is easier to do than regular fasting).

The mind body connection is rightfully given a prominent place in this book. Sam Graci includes a helpful chapter on exercise emphasizing walking as an ideal exercise. Another important chapter is on breathing for relaxation and stress management. A key chapter includes a questionnaire to determine your spiritual fitness and how to improve it.

Jeanne Marie Martin whom I have known for many years, gives us the benefits of her vast experience preparing tasty and delightful meals at the end of this book.

In short, The Power of Superfoods by Sam Graci and Les Superaliments by Sam Graci and Daniel Cristafi (both Prentice Hall, 1997) provide the insight and guidance you need to fuel your body effectively for both physical nutrition and spiritual evolution.

Why We Need Good Fats Audio Scroll Length - 03:26 Doctor DeMarco Recommended Products Take Time After Breast Cancer Diagnosis To Consider Options
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