Quick Survey: Headaches And Fibromyalgia
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Headaches And Fibromyalgia

I am trying to find a solution to severe headaches prior to and up to 2 to 4 days after the beginning of the menstrual cycle. I am writing on behalf of someone who has been diagnosed with fibromyalgia but I'm not convinced.

Fibromyalgia or the "sore all over syndrome" may be part of chronic fatigue syndrome, with pain being a more prominent symptom than fatigue. Symptoms of fibromyalgia include generalized pain and aching throughout the body, morning stiffness, fatigue, disturbed sleep, and multiple tender points on the body. Headache is a possible symptom, but the other symptoms mentioned above are more important for diagnosis.

Fibromyalgia affects mainly women in their late 30's and early 40's (ten women for every man). About 25 percent of those affected are depressed before the illness, and one third suffer from anxiety or depression during the illness. There is no evidence that depression causes fibromyalgia.

Treating chronic fatigue syndrome, if present is the first step. This often involves treating chronic yeast infections first. Changes in diet and vitamin and herbal supplements are necessary to boost the immune system. Helpful supplements include oil of evening primrose, cod liver oil, co-enzyme-Q-10, B-12, zinc, magnesium, echinacea or astragalus combinations, vitamin-B, vitamin-C, vitamin-E, and pantothenic acid. Adrenal and thyroid support may also be necessary. Superfoods containing green foods and algae, are rich in nutrients and trace minerals, and are an important part of recovery.

Severe headaches in the first few days of the period may have multiple causes. Women are fortunate to have a natural period of cleansing during the period. You can assist it greatly by eating only fruits, vegetables and whole grains the first few days of the period. In addition, food allergies are a common contributing factor for headaches. An elimination diet will reveal foods which you should avoid or rotate.

Tryptophan and Sleep Audio Scroll Length - 02:04 Doctor DeMarco Recommended Products Remedies for Bloating and Gas
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