Quick Survey: Dealing With Stubborn Acne
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Dealing With Stubborn Acne

My son, now aged 16, has had an acne problem that has been bothering him for about three years now and still hasn't completely disappeared. He has been seeing a dermatologist for the last two years, who has prescribed Minocin, Benzagel cream and soap, vitamin-A lotion and Staticin. The Benzagel soap and Minocin cause a burning sensation. The dermatologist suggests that the reason for all this is because of hereditary oily skin. The doctor doesn't prescribe anything now, and my son is doing much better. He drinks water every hour, and gets lots of sleep. It seems he's improving, yet, during the day, his face looks oily, although he washes his face every three hours. We would appreciate some natural healing suggestions.

First of all your son's condition is complicated by the fact that he has been taking long term antibiotics in the form of minocin, which is a form of tetracycline, and staticin, which is a lotion form of erthyromycin. Long term use of antibiotics can lead to an overgrowth of a fungus called yeast.

Symptoms of yeast can manifest as skin problems, fatigue, digestive problems, and a decline in concentration and learning ability at school among many other symptoms.

Treatment involves an anti-yeast diet with avoidance of sugar, fruit, dairy, yeasted bread products and fermented foods for at least six weeks, as well as taking the friendly bacteria called acidophilus by mouth. Acidophilus should be taken any time you are on antibiotics. Natural anti-yeast medicines include garlic capsules, caprylic acid capsules, or grapefruit seed extract.

It's not a good idea for him to wash his face every three hours. Once a day with pure water and no soap may be sufficient. In fact, frequent washing strips the natural oils, causing the body to produce more oil, resulting in increased oiliness.

Specifically for the acne, benzagel and vitamin-A lotion are both natural products and relatively safe to use. A burning sensation is to be expected while taking this combination which can also cause redness and peeling. Afterwards, the acne usually improves. Dermatologists also use up to 50,000IU's of vitamin-A daily, by mouth, to treat acne. This high dose should only be used under supervision.

It is important for your son to find out if he has any food allergies through an elimination diet. At his age, he probably will not want to give up pop including diet pop, sugar and junk food, but he probably needs to. A diet which eliminates refined foods, fatty foods, milk, cheese and iodine rich foods, may be beneficial for acne.

In addition, your son can safely take zinc pincolate, Vitamin-E and Vitamin-C, trace minerals (especially chromium and selenium), flax seed oil and oil of evening primrose, all of which are taken by mouth. For further advice consult a naturopathic physician.

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