Quick Survey: Silicone Breast Implants
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Silicone Breast Implants

I've just had silicone breast implants removed? What can I do to get better? Are the new saline filled implants any better?

First of all, it is believed that when silicone implants rupture or leak, the white blood cells of the body break down bits of silicone and carry them into the blood stream and then into the tissues of the joints, muscles and brain. In the case of saline implants, the implant is coated with silicone, which can still be broken down by the white blood cells and cause the same type of problems. Although it is true that the silicone filled implants cause greater problems, there is no good scientific data that proves the safety of any type of implant.

However, those women who have already had breast implants for whatever reasons should not blame themselves for their decision. Seeing a therapist or councillor is often helpful to deal with feelings of guilt, anger and sadness.

Indications that leakage is occurring include symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome and the triggering of auto-immune diseases such as lupus and rheumatoid arthritis or neurological illnesses like multiple sclerosis. Although not proven, the implants may either cause or accelerate these disease processes in predisposed individuals.

Other symptoms include memory loss, poor concentration, sleep disorders, severe weight loss, hair loss, liver dysfunction, lymph node swelling, weakness, breast and nipple inflammation, circulation problems, joint pains, chronic muscle pain and stiffness.

Before healing can begin, the transplant has to be surgically removed. Secondly, a detoxification programme must be started including supervised fasting, colon therapy, baths with ozonated water, and lymphatic massage. Other aspects of treatment include antioxidant supplements, cellulase enzymes, nutrients to support the liver and kidneys, and intravenous vitamin and mineral therapy. At least this is one highly successful programme developed by Dr. W. Lee Cowden of Integrahealth in Dallas, Texas.

In a recent article in the Alternative Medicine Digest (#10), Dr. Cowden says that "Women going through this detoxification process see white powdery flakes coming out of their urine and stools, usually in a matter of days to weeks, after which their symptoms start to lift and dramatically improve."

Talk TV host Jenny Jones was one of the first to break the silence about breast implants. In a recent article in Alternative Medicine #23, Jones says that after five surgeries over ten years, her breasts were rock-hard, disfigured by scarring, leaking silicone, and chronically painful yet completely numb. In 1992 Jones finally had her implants removed.

The well known actress Mariel Hemingway also had chronic ill health after breast implants at age 19 and she eventually had to have them removed. Afterwards, she recovered her health using alternative medicine.

Ultimately, Jones says she believes the solution lies in changing the messages that women receive about their bodies. "Show your daughters how beautiful they are the way they are. Show them that the body is only a small part of it. It's your character and your heart and soul that are important. That's what being a woman is all about."

Silicone Implants, How To Get Well Again After The Implants Come Out (Issue #10), and Got Silicone? Jenny Jones Doesn't, Anymore (Issue #23), are from Alternative Medical Digest magazine available from 1-800-333-HEAL or 206-922-955. Jenny Jones has founded The Image Foundation Box 3630, Chicago, Illinois, 60654.

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