Quick Survey: Fibromyalgia And Magnetic Therapy
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Fibromyalgia And Magnetic Therapy

Do you think magnetic therapy is safe? What about its safety?

Magnetic therapy has many promising applications, particularly in chronic painful conditions. Small magnets can be useful for painful areas on the body. They work by signalling the brain to produce more electricity and blood flow for healing. Magnetic devices are popular in Germany and some are designated medical devices and covered by medical insurance.

All magnets have two poles: positive or south and negative or north. The north pole has a calming effects and helps normalize metabolism. Thus it is useful for to decrease inflammation or swelling.(the north pole side should be placed directly on the painful or injured area) The south pole has the opposite effect, and thus it is useful for increasing circulation and metabolism in hypoactive states.

Two preliminary studies have been done on fibromyalgia and the use of unidirectional magnetic mattress pads. One was a small pilot study of six patients who had been diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome. Many of these patients had symptoms of fibromyalgia. All of the patients showed improvement in their symptoms over the four months. The second study was a placebo controlled study involving 29 patients diagnosed with fibromyalgia. The patients with the real magnetic mattress pad showed 2.4 times the improvement as the placebo group.

Dr. Dean Bonlie is an experienced researcher in the field of biomagnetism who designed the sleep pad used in this study. There are several kinds of sleep pads available on the market. Dr. Bonlie's is the only one that provide unidirectional magnetic fields. In my opinion, this type of sleep pad is the only safe one to use on a continuous long term basis.

Other sleep pads are designed to provide a bipolar magnetic field to the body. According to Dr. Bonlie, this unnatural magnetic field provokes and emergency response which decreases blood and electrical flow to the body. On a short term basis, this is very helpful, but on a long term basis, it uses up the body's reserves. These type of pads should never be used on a continuous basis, but with frequent breaks.

There is evidence to show that there has been a steady decline in the earth's magnetic field. With a decline in the earth's magnetic field, there is a decrease in the body's ability to heal and regenerate. The sleep pad designed by Dr. Bonlie is designed to replicate the earth natural magnetic fields, It enhances molecular action by speeding up the electrons and protons of the atoms.

This mattress has been found to help many conditions including PMS, arthritis, insomnia and recovery from injuries. Dr. Bonlie is now conducting research into the effects of large electromagnets on spinal injuries, stroke, cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy, and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.

In the future using powerful electromagnetic fields may prove regenerative, especially for chronic neurological and muscular diseases previously considered incurable. To contact Dr. Bonlie call 1-800-265-1119.

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