Quick Survey: Infertility and Chasteberry Herb
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Infertility and Chasteberry Herb

One in six couples in America have an infertility problem, and we are one of the unfortunate couples. My husband and I have been trying for another child through medical intervention for four years. I cannot tell you the amount of heartache and physical pain we have been through. Doctors finally found that I have a very strong uterus and reproductive organs but poor quality egg production. My ovaries are small and therefore stimulate poorly with extra hormones. Could you suggest any herbs to help egg production?

Infertility is indeed a heart wrenching problem for the women and men who experience it. Treating your problem through natural means requires time, patience, a complete change of lifestyle, and the supervision of a trained naturopathic practitioner as well as your family doctor. Even then there are no guarantees.

If you came into my office, I would look at the physical factors first. I would urge you to follow a diet low in pesticides and additives, namely a low animal fat diet emphasizing fresh fruit and vegetables, whole grains and beans, supplemented with small amounts of organic chicken and fish. Sugar, coffee, tea, white flour and all refined food would be cut down or eliminated. In addition, hot castor oil packs applied to the lower abdominal area five times a week would help improve the functioning of the ovaries.

Secondly, I would suggest nutritional supplements include a super green drink and high quality combination multi-mineral and vitamin supplement. In addition, I would suggest 400 to 800IU's of vitamin-E, extra trace minerals, zinc and folic acid. Ovarian and adrenal glandulars are also useful and should be taken for three to six months.

Dr. Serafina Corsello, a New York women's specialist, and author of The Ageless Woman (Corsello Communications, 1999) has had good success treating infertility using injections of magnesium, potassium, B-vitamins, zinc, manganese, and chromium combined with oral adrenal support and natural progesterone skin cream.

In addition, the herb chasteberry (vitex agnus castus) has helped some women with fertility problems. At a recent conference on women's health, naturopathic physician, Dr. Donald Brown presented research showing that chasteberry was especially useful in infertility due to progesterone deficiency. It is used as a tincture (i.e. the herb preserved in alcohol, or powdered form in capsules) four drops on an empty stomach with some water in the morning or one capsule of 175mg a day. This herb is slow acting, so should be taken for three to six months, or more.

Also important to take are herbs that improve the function of the liver, where estrogen is broken down.

If you are not already aware of the changes in temperature and mucous throughout your cycle, it would be useful to contact a fertility awareness teacher or take a course on the net in order to be able to recognize and treat subtle irregularities in your cycle. You can also consult books such as Fertility Awareness Handbook: The Natural Guide To Avoiding Or Achieving Pregnancy (Hunter House, 1997) by Barbara Kass-Annesse and Hal Danzer or Taking Charge Of Your Fertility: The Definitive Guide To Natural Birth Control And Pregnancy Achievement (Harper Collins, 1995), by Toni Weschler .

Finally, I would look at the emotional factors such as negative body image, low self esteem, mixed messages about motherhood and being a woman etc. I would also suggest that you work on visualization daily. I highly recommend the book, Getting Around The Boulder In The Road: Using Imagery To Cope With Fertility Problems , by Aline Zoldbrod, 1990.

A good resource is Resolve Inc, 1310 Broadway. Somerville, MA 02144-1731 (Helpline 617-623-0744 Web Site www.resolve.org). This is a national infertility organization with over 50 chapters in the United States and offers referrals, newsletters, and fact sheets. This group published a book entitled, Environmental Toxins and Fertility , (Resolve, 1995). In Canada, you can contact The Infertility Network , 160 Pickering St. Toronto, Ontario, M4E 3J7 (416-691-3611 or 416-690-8015).

Pregnancy Over 35 Audio Scroll Length - 04:16 Doctor DeMarco Recommended Products Endometriosis and Depo-Provera
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