Quick Survey: Natural Alternatives to Hormones
Natural Relief For Menopausal Symptoms Audio Scroll Length - 03:54 Doctor DeMarco Recommended Products Natural Remedies for the Discomforts of Pregnancy
Natural Alternatives to Hormones

In spite of considerable pressure, only 15 percent of Canadian women, and 40 to 50 percent of American women take hormones. The bottom line is that healthy women do not want to take lifelong medication, with troublesome side effects and unknown long term risks. Natural medicine offers many safe and effective choices.

Natural Hormones

Natural Progesterone: In capsules, vaginal suppositories and skin cream. The oral capsule form, used widely in Europe for many years, is now widely available by prescription as Prometrium. Natural progesterone can replace synthetic progesterone, with less side effects and a better effect on cholesterol.

Natural Estrogen: In oral capsules, vaginal cream and skin cream through compounding pharmacies, derived from plant sources. Some contain a higher ratio of estriol, an estrogen thought to be protective of breast cancer.

General Remedies for the Whole System

Acupuncture And Chinese Medicine: They give excellent relief of menopausal symptoms, and can play a preventative role as well.

Homeopathy: There are many excellent homeopathic remedies- either single or in combination- for menopause available at pharmacies and health food stores. If possible, obtain specific individualized remedies from a homeopathic doctor.

Aromatherapy Pure clary sage oil, and sage oil are hormone balancers- they balance estrogen, progesterone and testosterone. The oils can be applied to the wrists, inner thighs, armpits, and bottom of the feet two or three times daily, four days on, four days off.

Vitex Agnus Castus: (Chaste Tree) slow acting tonic reduces hot flashes and dizziness, strengthens vaginal tissues, and decreases nervousness. Twenty drops of the tincture twice a day for three to six months.

Dong Quai: Root famed in Chinese medicine for the female constitution, balances estrogen in the body. Take two capsules two or three times a day with meals. Herbalist Susun Weed suggests taking dong quai for 4 weeks, followed by ginseng for 2 weeks, repeat cycle for as long as necessary.

Ginseng: Panax ginseng, either Oriental or North American, will increase energy levels and metabolic rate, stimulate the immune system, and help normalize body functions. Not recommended for those who are anxious, or have insomnia or high blood pressure.

Black Cohosh Extract: This herb has been well researched in Europe. One study of 639 patients showed clear improvement in menopausal symptoms in 80 percent of the patients with few side effects. Other studies have compared the herbal extract to premarin and shown comparable results in terms of alleviating menopausal symptoms.

Ipriflavone: Over 60 clinical trials in Europe and Japan have shown that this soy derivative prevents and reverses osteoporosis. The same studies have shown that ipriflavone is safe and has few side effects.

Glandulars: Adrenal glandular extracts, vitamin-C, pantothenic acid, licorice root tea very helpful for most women for 3 to 6 months at a time.

Lifestyle Aids

Natural Relief For Menopausal Symptoms Audio Scroll Length - 03:54 Doctor DeMarco Recommended Products Natural Remedies for the Discomforts of Pregnancy
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