Quick Survey: Pregnancy Supplements and Nausea
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Pregnancy Supplements and Nausea

I am 29 years old and seven weeks pregnant for the first time. I am concerned about taking an appropriate multivitamin mineral supplement. A recommended maternal brand from the health food store taken 3 times a daily with meals seems to aggravate my frequently occurring nausea and causes me to vomit. A commonly used drugstore maternal brand (though containing fewer nutrients and inferior in quality) is only taken one time daily and I seem to tolerate it better. (They are taken with meals). My vomiting has occurred on days when no vitamin was taken. I am keeping most food down but I find fresh vegetables nauseating. Fresh fruit is fine. Can I be confident that I am getting the required nutrition for a healthy baby?

First of all, even with continuous nausea and vomiting, and even if you can't take vitamins until the nausea subsides, (usually around the fourth or fifth month) let me reassure you that your baby is getting the nutrition that it needs.

Personally, I recommend high quality natural prenatal supplements which contain not only all the necessary vitamins and minerals but soothing and safe herbs for pregnancy such as red raspberry leaf. Red raspberry leaf tones the uterus and contributes to an easier delivery. Some brands of drugstore prenatal vitamins contain forms of iron which can upset the stomach. It is best to take your supplements with meals.

However, it's OK if you don't start the prenatal vitamins until after the third or fourth month of pregnancy, with the exception of the B-vitamins including folic acid, which must be taken prior to and during the whole pregnancy.

For morning sickness, you can try powdered ginger root, available in capsules in most health food stores, three or four a day followed by a glass of water, first thing in the morning. This can be repeated several times throughout the day, as necessary.

Slippery Elm is a soothing and strengthening herb for the stomach. It possesses as much nutrition as oatmeal and is so gentle it can be retained by the most sensitive stomach. It can be taken in powdered form in capsules or made into a gruel with water or milk.

Vitamin-B-6, 50 to 100mg a day is a very effective anti-nauseant. It should be taken as part of a mega-B-50 capsule with breakfast and with lunch.

The Dreaded Cellulite Audio Scroll Length - 02:24 Doctor DeMarco Recommended Products Why Take Supplements?
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