Quick Survey: Why Take Supplements?
Pregnancy Supplements and Nausea Audio Scroll Length - 02:58 Doctor DeMarco Recommended Products Early Breast Cancer, Soy Foods and Tamoxifen
Why Take Supplements?

I have a good diet and I exercise regularly. Why should I take supplements?

If you are living in a stress free environment in the country, eating only organic foods grown on mineral enriched soil, drinking pure water, and experiencing an abundance of energy and vitality, then you don't need to take any supplements.

Unfortunately, most of us live in highly polluted cities, exposed to high levels of electro-magnetic radiation and noise. We eat less than five to seven servings of fruits and vegetables a day. In addition, most of us are stressed by our rushed frenetic pace, lack of time off and leisure, emotional conflicts and financial stresses. Meanwhile, the onslaught of chemicals in the environment, most of whose effects are unknown, continues to affect us daily through our food, water and air.

You may be experiencing non-specific but distressing health complaints such as fatigue, headaches, joint pains, sinus congestion, indigestion, and heartburn.

On the other hand, if you have developed specific illnesses like arthritis, migraines or hypertension, you absolutely require nutritional supplements as an essential part of treatment.

Your nutritional programme has to be tailored to your individual needs and requirements. In general, for a base line maintenance programme, I suggest the following: a high quality multivitamin and mineral combined, antioxidant vitamins and a supergreen drink. For specific illnesses, more supplements and herbs should be added appropriate to that particular illness.

The multi vitamin and mineral should be as high quality as you can afford, preferably in the form of two capsules with each meal. A minimal antioxidant regimen would include the main antioxidant vitamins daily: Vitamin-C 500mg Vitamin-E 400IU and betacarotene 30,000IU. Green drinks containing sprouts and blue green sea algae like spirulina supply essential trace minerals, antioxidants, and easily digestible protein. If you have a weak digestion, taking high quality plant enzymes with meals is also highly recommended.

Women over 35 should also take calcium magnesium supplements, preferably at bedtime. The usual recommended dose is 800 to 1,200mg of calcium and 400 to 600mg of magnesium.

Daily consumption of miso can protect you from the harmful effects of radiation. Green drinks also offer protection from the harmful effects of radiation, chemicals and other toxins.

Of course, a healthy diet is still the most important part of maintaining good health. I recommend a diet of organic fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains and beans, supplemented, if necessary, with low fat yogurt, organic chicken and cold water fish.

Pregnancy Supplements and Nausea Audio Scroll Length - 02:58 Doctor DeMarco Recommended Products Early Breast Cancer, Soy Foods and Tamoxifen
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