Quick Survey: Herbology
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Herbology is the art and science of using whole plant remedies to relieve symptoms, to stimulate the body's innate healing powers, and to cleanse and tone organs. Plant medicines are also powerful allies to prevent illness, to balance body functions, and to restore health.

Used since ancient times, plants are the source for many modern medicines. Plants have low toxicity if used correctly. Improved standardization of plant extracts has allowed accurate identification and research. However, it is always preferable to use the whole plant as medicine rather than isolated active ingredients.


Tea Of Leaves And Flowers: Boiling water poured over them, allowed to sit in a non-aluminum container for 5 to 15 minutes.

Roots: Boiling water added to roots, and cooked for 20 minutes.

Tinctures: Fresh or dried herbs preserved in alcohol, lasts for long periods of time.

Poultices: Crushed fresh herbs wrapped in gauze and applied to skin.

Other: Tablets, capsules, baths, syrups, inhalations, suppositories, ointments, salves, lotions, and oils.

Herb Usages

Echinacea: Purple coneflower or echinacea functions like herbal antibiotic and immune stimulant, useful for colds, flus and recurrent infections.

Dong Quai: Chinese herb, female tonic, for irregular, painful or heavy periods, and menopausal symptoms.

Stinging Nettle: Eaten freshly picked and steamed, rich in vitamins and minerals, great spring tonic.

Dandelion Leaves: are higher in Vitamin-A than carrots, while the roots are an excellent tonic and food for the liver.

Red Raspberry Leaves: Rich in iron, one cup daily during pregnancy helps relax the uterus, making for an easier delivery.

Slippery Elm: Soothing strengthening herb for the stomach, sore throats, possesses as much nutrition as oatmeal.

Plantain: Chewed leaves applied to skin relieves sting of insect bites.

Feverfew: Reduces frequency and severity of migraines.


Discovering Alternative Medicine Audio Scroll Length - 02:56 Doctor DeMarco Recommended Products Naturopathic Medicine
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